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Defense/Aerospace Total Training and ILS Solution


-  ISD based Development methodology
-  2D/3D modeling and animation

-  OSMU(One Source Multi Use)

-  SCORM for reuse and interoperability

-  CAI authoring Tool


-  Multi-user Environment over 100 users

-  360˚Interaction
-  High Performance Engine and Contents

-  Multi Platform supported


-  Training Management of Pilot/Maintenance

-  eGoverment Standard Framework

-  Management of training history, score and achievement

-  Interface with other systems such as C4I, DELLIS-F


-  Aerodynamics Model and Host Software

-  Image Generator and Visual Database

-  Simulation of Avionics, Navigation  and Subsystems

-  System Design, Integration and Test

[Avionics and ETS]

-  Embedded LRU and drivers

-  Mission Trainer, Virtual RADAR/EO

-  Interoperability Test and Evaluation

[Integrated Logistics Support]

-  Logistics Support

-  GSE

-  Dehumidifier

-  Aircraft MRO

[Motion/Control Loading/Vibration]

-  Provision motion, control loading and vibration system

   for simulator integration


Computer Based Trainning

Advanced Computer Based Training System with High Quality Contents and Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR Maintenance Training System and AR Education & Training Platform for Multi-user Access and State of the art Technology


Training Integration Management System

Training management system to support efficient integration management of pilot/maintenance training

F-15 K MTS

Maintenance Training System

High Quality Maintenance Training System with  VMT, TIMS, MTD and WLT



Level D FFS, FTD/CPT-class Flight Simulator


Integrated Logistic Support

Aircraft support equipment and Aircraft relocation


Embedded Training System 

Airborne Embedded Training Equipment on real time virtual/augmented Reality 
based for T-50, KFX, and helicopter



Tactical Computer Console
for T/TA/FA-50 Avionics OFP loading and data management



Real-time Monitoring
and fault/log Data Handling System for T/TA/FA-50 ECS

Weapon Effectiveness Evaluation Model

Weapon Effectiveness Evaluation Model

Supports recommendation of optimum Weapon and Air operation plan by simulating
each of attack tactics, weapon effectiveness and mission results
for various engagement situations


LVC Trainning System

LVC Training System makes live, virtual, constructive environments in which participating
communities share each mission and role by interoperating training assets.

Motion/Control Loading/Vibration

Motion/Control Loading/Vibration

Provision motion, control loading and vibration system for simulator integration

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Embedded Training System


LVC Trainning System

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(Securing the Best Reliability of Avionics Part)
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